“I’ve been a P&C Broker 20 years. Before meeting the Back Office Advisory Desk team I was always worried about recommending the wrong product or solution to my client on the Life, Health and Retirement product lines. The Back Office takes the guess work out of it for me and simplified the process. Thank you Back Office.”



“As I was building my agency, I realized that the best way to secure a client never leaves me is to help with them with all aspects of insurance. At the time I could not afford to build my own Life and Health department, so I started partnering with different life and health agents in hopes they would help  me protect my book of business. After a couple failed partnerships, I stumbled across the Back Office Advisory Desk and have never looked back.”


Santa Barbara, Ca

“After building my CPA business, I started noticing that my clients were getting different recommendations from many different advisors. Some of the advisors represented only a couple companies and were not doing what was in the best interest of my clients. I decided to reach out to the Back Office Advisory Desk to learn about their Platinum Partnership program. After talking to them I realized that we shared similar values and with there ability to contract with 100 pus companies, I always know they are doing what it in the best interest of my clients.”

Alan V.

Indianapolis, Indiana

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