Training Platform

Training Platform

Coaching Calls

Just as we all know, have a mentor in this business is key. If we go at it alone with no help, we are not destined to hit our true potential. At Thrive you have access to our in-house mentors and even the managing partners of our company. Our mentors will be able to guide you through sales concepts, presentations, and product knowledge. Now you hear that from a lot of people, but we mean it. Since we are serious about this we have trained our mentors to help with personal growth as well. Our goal is to make each and every agent, agency or partner working with us to achieve true Wealth and Satisfaction with every aspect of their life.

In-Person Training

One thing that stay true in the industry is that products, concepts and processes are always changing. One of the ways that the industry responds to this is to increase the number of webinars you have access to. What this does is put us in front of a computer screen listening to a pre-practiced meeting that the presenter has gone over hundreds of times. This removing any personal contact and ability to visually learn from real world experiences. Because we were born from the field we understand and know the value of in personal training. We have developed many face to face training sessions that we run across the country allowing you the agent to interact live and in color with our trainers. Putting you in a position to ask your questions in real-time, giving you the ultimate control and ability to grow past your current boundaries.

Digital Trainings

In todays fast past world, we do not always have the time to sit down at a specific time to view a webinar or attend a training. Even if we find the time to sit through a training there may be something that was missed or a concept I want to practice, wanted to see it again. Typically, in the webinar or Training space your recall is only as good as the notes you took. We decided to take a different approach and build schooling sites that our Partners have access to 24 hours a day. Our Schools consist of Medicare schooling, Annuity Schooling, Life Insurance and many more. Most of our training session are taped then archived to be viewed at a later date. On these site, we post our webinars allowing them to be replayed as many times as someone would like.

Team Trainings

Back Office Advisory Desk can create a customized producer training program designed to the specifications and brand of your firm. This could include a combination of onsite office presentations, webinars, teleconference and one-on-one coaching calls, which would be developed to complement and reinforce your existing in-house programs. As we were born in the field and have built agencies, our training programs are unmatched. We have training programs ranging from, Medicare, Group Health, Life Insurance, Annuity, Long- Term Care, Advanced Planning and many more. Contact a BOAD representative to learn how you can integrate us into your successful business.

Workshop Selling System

With our Proprietary Seminar Selling Systems we have spent years honing and perfecting how these work but wait everyone is going to tell you that. Then they will give you “their” system and good luck hope it works for you. That is typically where the ball stops. Since Thrive was built by field agents and managers we know that Training is one of the biggest things lacking in the market. We partnered with a Multi-Million dollar a year producer to work side by side with you. Our goal is to help you learn the system and put the system to work for you. If needed our Trainer will run the workshop for you helping you to get the best value out of the investment possible. If you are not successful, then we are not successful. We view this as a true partnership, or as one representative told us “a mutually beneficial relationship”.

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