Marketing Support

With our managing partners spending the majority of their careers running agencies we have built a vault of marketing pieces and programs that can be utilized across the country. Since we want to help the independent agent and agency owners build their reputations without spending time designing pieces or sending them through compliance we have opened our vault to you.

Since we opened this vault, we decided to take one step further. We have an inhouse design team that will be able to personalize our material with your name, logo and information. This will allow you to instantly build your brand and keep your information in front of your community and prospects.

Point of Sale Material

We are currently in a time that allows us easy access to information. What this means for most of us is that we are always working with new material that we hope will give us an edge, without fully understanding what we are using. At BOAD we have taken our years of experience and put together Point of Sales Material that is easy to understand and extremely simple to use. We will also spend the time teaching you the right way to run a presentation with it. Our Point of Sale Materials will include but not limited to, Medicare, Long-Term Care, Life Insurance, Estate Planning, Annuities, along with any other product on our platform.

We have also decided to take it a step further and put together material that will also help you in recruiting if you so decide to build the agency or find people you enjoy working with.

Private Print Shop

Our partners spoke and we listened. As our partners we all using different printing companies and/or Staples locations we kept getting the feedback that the quality was not good or the pieces they designed just did not work, we decided to invest, the time, money and resources into building our own print store. We partner with a Nationally recognized printing company get cost down and increase the speed of delivery to our partners. A year after starting this venture, we now have a fully functional Private Print Store. Everything in our store can be branded to your agency, keeping the pieces consistent to ones you may already have in circulation. In our store you will find, things from EDDM postcards, fliers, Presentations, Books, and even the normal every day things our companies need to operate, like envelopes, thank you cards and birthday cards.

Document Design

It’s all about creating a scalable, profitable and systematic agency that lasts. To pull this off on your own, you would need an army of experts and hundreds of thousands of dollars. Working through our firm you accomplish it all with little or no cost and your new marketing effort becomes available instantly.


As many agents and agencies have found out through trial and error, there is a lot of competition in our industry. So we start to ask ourselves, how do we make ourselves stand out, how do we become different. You can either do that by hiring a high price firm that will change your image and get you to spend tens of not hundreds of thousands of dollars on a new look or you can talk with a BOAD Branding representative.

At BOAD our goal is to help you set an image of yourself and your company that will differentiate you from the competition without breaking the bank. You will be able to leverage the experience of our staff and develop the next stage of your career at little or no cost to you.

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