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Back Office

With so many options available to us in the marketplace we understand that as a professional we tend to get overwhelmed or bogged down by running illustrations, researching product and finding the correct form. As we are in the business to see clients/prospects and the more we see the more opportunities we have, we have trained a very knowledgeable staff that will be able to do these time-consuming activities for you. By taking this time-consuming activity off of your plate it will allow you to spend more time generating more business and serving more clients.

Advanced Case Design

The Advanced Case Design resources at Back Office Advisory Desk can provide technical case design assistance and training for a wide range of advanced Case Design needs. We can assist you and your producers in executing these strategies with their clients and we align them with carriers and products best suit those needs. We can also assist with Financial underwriting aspects of these cases, which all have unique considerations. Some of our advanced market capabilities include, but not limited to; Business and Estate Planning Solutions, Executive Benefit Planning, Executive Bonus (Split Dollar and COLI/BOLI), Charitable Planning Strategies, Defined Benefit Plans, Deferred Compensation Plans, Wealth Transfer Planning, Premium Finance Strategies, Care Planning, Policy Analysis and Review.

Top Contracts

As we all know contracts are everywhere but typically the higher the contract the lower the support or the less resources your company allows you to pull from. At Back Office Advisory Desk, we believe the top sales people should get both. We have some of the best contracts in the industry including companies that are not known, allowing our partners to differentiate themselves from their competitors and making sure they are receiving the compensation their production deserves.

As you centralize your contracts and business with BOAD we will do a review periodically and make sure that you have the highest contract the carriers will give. We see our relationship as a partnership and have no need to squeeze the agents and agency owners we work with. Your success is our success and an open transparent system is the best way we know to build long-term mutually beneficial relationships.

Business Processing and Tracking

As we all know, one of the toughest things to do in this industry is to write business. Sometimes after we write business, since so much time passes we loss it to lack of follow-up or small pending details we were not aware about. As it is our goal to make sure that you get paid for the work you do we have built our own submission and tracking process.

By being able to instantly turn on this system for yourself and your agency, you will see an instant impact in your business. Thus, having your business issue faster, your clients getting covered quicker and you putting the money in your pocket in a timely manner.

Allow our team to help you, help your business issue quicker.

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