Why Back Office Advisory Desk?

Products and Contracts are everywhere. What we have found over the years is that our partners need more than just that just products and contracts. What most of us are in search for, is a True partnership opportunity. A relationship that is mutually beneficial to both sides. One that will give support and training when needed, Constant marketing content to help drive clients and purchase decisions, along with Valuable guidance to make the most out of everyone client relationship you have. That is where the Back Office Advisory Desk come in, we are your support system. You can lean on us in whatever way is beneficial to your agency and we will hold you up.  Contact us to learn more about adding the Back Office Advisory Desk to your team.

Our Mission

We at Back Office Advisory Desk have a very strong commitment to provide specialized, high quality personalized insurance and investment recommendations to our customers in an efficient and accurate manner. We are driven by the sole purpose to offer product, marketing and support services with the highest degree of integrity and sound principals of respect, contribution and empowerment to every agent and agency partner we have the privilege to work with.

How will we do this? One partnership at a time

What Drives Us


Act with integrity
– Dealing honorably with everyone
– Upholding the highest standards of business conduct
– Believing the right way is the only way
– Owning our actions

Make a Difference
– Delivering value to our clients – everyday
– Serving others to enrich the community
– Leading by example

Deliver Excellence
– Exceeding client expectations
– Demanding the best from ourselves
– Commitment to personal continual education

Be open   
– Ask questions of value
– Listen intently
– Show empathy and demonstrate charity
– Communicate honestly
– Follow-through thoroughly

Mission Statement and Vision:

Build enduring client relationships through:

  • Focusing on “What is of value” to the client.
  • Being respectful and understanding as we help clients sort out problems, needs, and concerns. 
  • Provide purposeful and possible solutions in our intent to serve and to improve our client’s current situation.
  • Equip clients to become happier and more at peace in regards to their financial matters.
  • To receive recommendations and referrals to serve others just like you, our clients.


  • Educate with the intention to serve
  • Listen sincerely
  • Implement when appropriate

Customer Focus:

Our goal of measuring SUCCESS is defined by a quote by Paul J. Myer “Success is a progressive realization of predetermined personal worthwhile goals.”  Our success will come from helping clients reach their personal worthwhile goals successfully.  We will use the process of Value Finding to match our service with our clients concerns and needs.

How do we define SERVICE?  These three simple words of action define our view of service, “AND THEN SOME.”  To live by King Benjamin’s words, “when ye are in the Service of your fellow beings, ye are only in the Service of your God".

We believe the statement is correct about the CUSTOMER. “Your customers don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”  Our COMMITMENT to clients is to show how much we really do care!

SATISFACTION for us will come only if we live by the quote, “Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.”  Franklin D. Roosevelt.

To accomplish all of these effectively we must first find out what is of VALUE to the client, and then assist them in reaching those things of value.

Our Partners